Imagining Fishermans Bend: A Rationale for the Participation of Artists in Strategic Planning is a minor thesis undertaken as part of a Master of Social Science (Environment and Planning).

The thesis takes the form of a visual and written investigation of Fishermans Bend and explores how artists might be involved in the strategic planning processes that will underlie its redevelopment. The thesis contends that the involvement of artists in strategic planning is valuable and appropriate because art and its production are a way of reframing things, and this reframing has the potential to inform how we design places.

The thesis draws upon the history and representation of Fishermans Bend as the context for imagining its redevelopment. It proposes a spatial typology of the site as a way of making the area comprehensible, followed by a suite of hypothetical interventions in the form of processes (of mapping, information gathering, consultation, and observation) and subsequent outcomes.

The thesis was awarded a High Distinction.

Year: 2013.