Capithetical is a proposal for a competition to envisage an alternative capital city for Australia. The competition assumes that Canberra does not exist.

The proposal defines a national capital in its simplest form as the seat of national government. The central premise of the proposal is that the seat of national government should be relocated from one state capital to another every six years, in line with each term of the Senate. The proposal suggests that the national capital can be considered both temporally and spatially.

The relocation of the capital is envisaged as a catalyst for urban regeneration in each city. The proposal also recommends that the institutions that are typically located in the national capital should instead be permanently dispersed throughout the state capitals. The ideas of relocation and decentralization that underlie this proposal provide greater resilience to the localized impacts of terrorism, natural disasters and climate change. The proposal also embraces the technological evolution and changing social norms that have enabled more decentralized modes of working and living.

Year: 2012.