The Clearing is a proposal for a memorial for victims and survivors of institutional child sexual abuse. The idea of a clearing is the conceptual anchor for the project, both as a noun (the memorial in relation to the surrounding site) and as a verb (the memorial as a site of action).

The memorial comprises a series of walls of varying scales which form concentric rings around a circular lawn. This lawn is known as The Clearing. The memorial utilizes the circle for its overriding geometry because a circle is spatially consistent, implying equality and an absence of hierarchy.

The lawn at the centre of the memorial features a subtle rise which mimics the curvature of the earth. This lawn is beautifully maintained, implying care and value. An inscription bordering the lawn invites visitors to remove their shoes before stepping into this space. This simple act connects visitors to the earth beneath their feet and to the healing power of nature. It is also a statement of humility and respect within a space for reflection.

Year: 2021.