Skyward is a competition entry for the design of a modern-day sukkah: a temporary structure used during the annual Jewish festival of Sukkot, which marks the end of harvest time. Sukkahs are intended to recall the temporary dwellings Jews inhabited during their forty-year exodus from Egypt, and their design is subject to rigid parameters that dictate both their size and construction.

The design employs sustainable, recyclable materials in ways that emphasize their inherent structural properties. Bamboo is used for its rigidity and forms the framework of the sukkah. Reeds that are capable of bending are used to form the walls. The assembly of the sukkah is made legible through carefully detailed connections.

The title, Sykward, conveys the experience one has of sitting within the sukkah. From inside, the concentric rings of the curving walls lead the eye up towards the sky where the sun animates the interior in a continuous play of light and shadow.

Year: 2010.