Reclamation is a proposal for a temporary installation that documents the impact of projected sea level rise due to climate change. The site for the proposal is Blackwattle Bay on Sydney Harbour.

The installation comprises a vast matrix of lights stretching inland from the harbour’s edge. The lights describe an area that will be underwater at high tide at the turn of the century, based upon current projections. The lights are programmed to synchronise with the rising of the tide. The silent, nocturnal quality of the installation conveys the insidiousness of climate change.

The title, Reclamation, inverts the commonly understood meaning of the word which is “to bring land formerly underwater under cultivation”. As the impacts of climate change begin to reverse the historical process of infilling the harbour to extend the foreshore, we can think of reclamation in another sense of the word as “to recover (from error, or loss); to cry out”.

Year: 2016.