Strettle is a townhouse development on a site with a narrow frontage and a substantial fall to the rear. The site affords views of the city over the adjacent single storey houses.

The design maximizes the yield of spatially similar dwellings and incorporates a mix of single and double storey elements that relate to the existing context. Roof terraces have been provided to take advantage of the views, but are set back from the edges of the dwellings to be invisible from the street.

The development features a restrained palette that derives richness and interest through careful detailing and the inventive use of cost-effective materials. Bricks have been laid in various bonds, whilst lightweight cladding has been embellished with staggered cover battens. Inside, plywood ceilings stop short to reveal the ceiling joists in the living areas, reinforcing the sense of robustness and honesty within the construction.

Year: 2020.