Gardiner is a development of eight townhouses on the site of a former factory. The brief for the project was to maximize the yield of spatially similar dwellings. From the outset, the project faced significant opposition from neighbours due to proposed changes to the usage, scale and density of the site.

The dominant feature of the design is the brickwork to the lower levels which features an intricate banding pattern that is enlivened by the movement of the sun. The brickwork relates the development to the scale of the adjoining buildings. In contrast to the brickwork at the base, the upper levels of the building are entirely black and appear visually recessive. This contrast is amplified through the design of the fine metal screens and blades that are used to mitigate overlooking.

The interiors feature a restrained palette of materials. The use of metal mesh and timber battens for balustrading and the inclusion of operable walls enhances the versatility and sense of spaciousness throughout the dwellings.

Year: 2022.