Clarke is a development of seven dwellings on a corner site adjacent to a railway. The site has a significant fall and the principal frontage is along the railway to the west, which offers views of the city but also exposure to noise and the afternoon sun.

The project brief called for a maximum yield of townhouses of a comparable size. The design responds to the site by stepping the form of the dwellings to follow the topography. The use of varied materials corresponding to distinct components of the facades modulates the scale and appearance of the development. The external material palette features robust finishes, chosen with consideration of their longevity and weathering. This palette continues through to the interiors.

The principal feature of the western façade is a series of metal frames that provide a support for signage, adjustable screening and deciduous vegetation. In addition to moderating the impacts of the sun and noise, these frames define a series of balconies and terraces for residents to enjoy.

Year: 2018.