Boobialla is a project that entailed significant alterations and additions to a single storey house on an elevated site. The brief for this project was to improve the functionality of the house, provide additional floor space and incorporate the existing landscaping into the design.

The design retains the existing structure to accommodate the bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry. The addition of larger windows to these spaces enhances their connection to the surrounding garden.

The construction of an additional storey provides space for the kitchen, living and terrace areas. Windows have been thoughtfully placed to frame views of the city and the sky, whilst maintaining privacy from the street. By locating the new storey at a right angle to the level below, the scale of the additional storey appears reduced. This has also allowed for an area of the existing roof to become a green roof, which provides an elevated garden aspect to the adjoining living room.

Varied materials have been used to heighten the distinction between the ground and first levels. The layering of timber and metal cladding against stone and brick elements imbues the project with a warmth that continues from the outside through to the interior.

Year: 2015.